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Sherbet and Strawberries

Musings of the rosy one

29 July 1990
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Sixteen years old. Cynical, sarcastic, slightly shy, lovable, trusting, whoreish (not really, just ask my so-called mates), and quite possibly insane.

The story behind the name: I love music. And apparently I blush a lot. Throughout winter I'm permanently pink-faced, despite wearing mittens and a long woolly scarf.

I have a passion for ancient history and music.

I love the beginning of winter, when it starts to get cold. I also love black and white photos, long hot bubble baths, thunderstorms, hugs, cheesy nineties music, sitting on the bus with my headphones on, bright colours, writing music and obscure TV comedies that no one watches.

I'm possibly one of the only people in the world to hate beaches.

I have license to drive a small boat. And I know how to skilfully analyse a Greek pot.

I may also quite possibly be insane.