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Sherbet and Strawberries
Musings of the rosy one
Dear God my feet hurt. The Snow Ball was AMAZING, much better than I thought it'd be. Here is a "brief" summary of the sheer madness it involved:

Snow Ball madnessCollapse )

What happened:
I went back to Ellie's after school with Boston to get ready, which was very fun, aside from a brief panic over tickets and the fact that I apparently turned Ellie's shower cubicle into East Portlemouth beach (it was the fault of the facial scrub, not me). Then we stood around for a load of photos before setting off.

The food wasn't great - basically KFC with limes, in the words of Ellie - so I just ate a couple of the little mince pies. The disco was a lot more fun. I danced with Jen, Ellie, Alex, the twins, Pethero, Rachel, Becky, Cat and Jayna for a bit, then I went off and danced with Emily and George. George is a hilarious dancer. I couldn't stop laughing. Then I got hauled out of the mob by Pete and Sarah for a music set photo, and we ended up taking loads more photos of everyone. I got back into the mob just in time for The Killers' "Mr Brightside", at which everyone went insane and started jumping up and down. Ellie and I had the advantage of being right in the middle of the mosh pit next to Adam, so we nearly got crushed by all his friends, who automatically went mental. I was vaguely aware of Adam yelling "JUMP!", Ellie screaming something at him and Ben jumping up and down next to me and shouting something in my ear, but I was laughing too hard to hear.

Some of the music was a bit shite, but some of it was really good. I remember jumping up and down to My Chemical Romance with Jen, Ellie and Chris Jones, whom a mildly drunk Ellie went up to and hugged. He looked a little taken aback, but I explained that she's just a very huggable person when she's happy. Then some of us sat down for a bit and watched because the music then was shitty. Ben came over for a bit, looking panicky and saying that he needed to talk to someone sober. So he sat with me and talked for a bit, then Ellie came over and gave me a really huge hug, at which he gestured towards her and mouthed "Is she pissed?" to which I replied that I wasn't sure, but there was a definite chance that she was.

I saw my ex-stalker Gareth there, which was quite freaky, and Luke Smith, who used to live across the road from us when we lived in Rempstone. I don't know which was more freaky; the fact that he was there, the fact that I was actually taller than him in my heels, or the fact that he was dancing. I'm sorry, but that just scared me.

The highlight of the evening probably was when the cheesy music started playing. At this point I was with Emily, George, Matt Holmes, the guy who looks like Harry Potter (Gwylim, or whatever his name is) and some other random guy who kept laughing at me and Matt dancing. First the YMCA came on, which was just too funny to describe - George was hopping up and down, Matt was singing the soprano part...God it was hilarious. Then they played some of the music from Grease, like "You're The One That I Want", "Greased Lightning" and "Summer Lovin'" and we all joined in singing, which was the loudest thing I'd ever heard. The teachers were all standing at the back of the mob looking helpless. Then they put on "Cha Cha Slide" and "Saturday Night", and Matt insisted that I teach him the moves, which was absolute agony in my heels, but as soon as he got the hang of it, the song ended, which he looked a bit hacked off about. Then it pretty much ended, and most people headed off to the Aftermath, except people like Sarah Herbert and Afro Jack, who started waltzing to Robbie Williams' "Angels".

I want next Christmas to come around now so we can go to the next one. But now I have to get dressed because it's taken me an hour to put these photos on here and I'm supposed to be going carolling in Loughborough in an hour.

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A nice new shiny journal...I feel all chirpy now. And slightly nostalgic for my old journal, which contains most of my Year Eleven memories and which I will therefore continue to hang onto.

Okey-dokey. So this is my third journal, I believe. The story behind the username can be found in my profile, but I'll repeat it again anyway. Basically, I have a love of music. Which is why I'm doing Music A-level. And I blush. A lot. Last night at work, about six people told me I looked flushed. Because of the cold, and not, as one of the chefs suggested to me, that I had a "sex flush". Whatever that is, I have not had one of them.

I'm working again this evening. And I'm doing the lunch shift tomorrow, because my boss is away on holiday and I've been landed with about three extra shifts. At least I'll get paid at the end of it. I'll be making about a hundred quid more than I usually do over two weeks, which I'm feeling rather chirpy about. Plus I need the money to buy shoes for the Snow Ball, which is in...six days' time, I believe. It should be really fun, but I need to fix my digital camera beforehand so I can successfully take hundreds of photos of all my friends looking mad yet gorgeous.

Oh, and any new people/people I knew from my old journal, feel free to go ahead and add me, because after this first entry, it's friends-only.

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